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Chemical Drain Cleaners: The Harsh Realities

By webdev

Feb 27, 2024

Removal of blockage in the sink, the hand of a man with a bottle of a special remedy with granules. Clean the blockages in the bathroom with chemicals.

If you experience frequent clogs, slow drainage, or consistent pooling water, you are probably a fan of chemical drain cleaners. We get it, you want to eliminate the clog as soon as possible. However, this is not the best course of action to take when you encounter a plumbing problem. The truth is, these liquid drain cleaning solutions are doing more harm than good.

Liquid drain cleaners contain highly toxic and hazardous solutions that can be both harmful to your health and your plumbing networks. So, It is time to retire your resident drain cleaner and hire professional plumbers to complete your clog removal—your plumbing and your air quality is at stake.

When it comes to the average store-bought drain cleaner, they are jam-packed with hazardous chemical compounds. Is that a product that you want sitting in your home?

Chemical drain cleaners pose the following dangers to both your home and your health:

Compromised Indoor Air Quality

As soon as you pop the cap off of your drain cleaner, airborne fumes carrying toxic particles are released into your home. This can become detrimental to your health as repetitive exposure to these chemicals can result in respiratory distress, ocular irritation, and mucous membrane harm. These health implications can additionally lower your immunity, causing increased susceptibility during the pandemic.

If you insist on using these drain cleaning solutions, you must ensure that you have adequate airflow during use. Crack your windows and turn on your bathroom fan if you do decide to use these chemicals, so the fumes can vacate your home. However, it’s recommended to put these solutions in your past and leave the plumbing to the pros.

Deteriorated Plumbing

The harsh chemicals in drain cleaners can corrode your plumbing. These abrasive solutions cannot discern a clog from your piping and will eat through them both. With the high level of toxicity, your piping can leak, crack, or warp as a result of repetitive use. Scheduling professional drain cleaning will keep your plumbing systems from undergoing unnecessary damage and additional wear and tear.

Personal Injuries

Most drain cleaners contain sulfuric acid. This chemical can cause severe skin burns when it comes in contact with your body. With almost 3,000 drain cleaning injuries per year, accidents do happen. Whether you drop the bottle or get hit by splashback, this drain cleaning method does not come without risk. Remember, these solutions are strong enough to deteriorate your clothing. Keep all chemical drain cleaners out of reach of children, and if you decide to use these store-bought cleaners, use precaution when pouring the solution.

Ineffective Clog Removal

Not only are these chemicals harmful, but they are also oftentimes ineffective. These solutions will typically poke holes in your clog rather than remove your entire blockage, making their relief only temporary. With chemical drain cleaners, your consecutive clog issue will remain perpetual, as it simply masks the issue rather than solving the source of your plumbing problem.

With professional drain cleaning methods, your piping will be completely cleared of debris, leaving your plumbing networks performing at its peak.

Dangerous To Pets

If you have pets at home, their curiosity sometimes gets the best of them. If you are storing your drain cleaner underneath your sink, it is time to move it out of reach of your furry friend. These chemicals can be poisonous to your pets. Make sure to move drain cleaning solutions to an upper cabinet or better yet, get rid of them altogether.

For professional and safe drain cleaning, contact Bell Plumbing at 650-206-7672. We are here to help you restore your plumbing without compromising your home or your health. Your safety is our priority!

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