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We rely on hot water to flow immediately with a simple turn of a faucet. If your water heater is no longer working effectively, is making unusual noises, or appears to be leaking, the team at our family-owned San Mateo plumbing company can inspect and diagnose the issue. We pride ourselves on providing effective plumbing solutions for all types of water heaters including the standard tank and tankless units. Bell Plumbing is here to make sure your home has a steady supply of hot water to keep you and your family comfortable.

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Why Is My Water Heater Making Noise?

Typically, a water heater in proper working conditioning should make minimal noise. Loud or abnormal sounds, such as clanging or banging, can be an indication of a bigger issue.

If you notice any of the following, reach out to a San Mateo water heater repair expert from our team today. Delaying the repair or maintenance process could result in further damage and potentially the need for premature water heater replacement.

Explore common sounds and learn why your water heater is making noise below.

  • Popping – typically caused by an accumulation of debris, sediment, and mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank.
  • Sizzling – could be the result of the water heater’s pressure relief valve being restricted or blocked, as well as a leak or condensation problem.
  • Humming – likely due to a damaged heating component in the water heater.
  • Hammering – usually occurrs because of a sudden increase in water pressure in your piping system and commonly referred to as “water hammer”

While some of these issues can be resolved by flushing and draining the tank, it’s best to consult with a professional plumber to determine exactly why your water heater is making noise and the best course of action.

No Hot Water? Troubleshooting Tips

It can be incredibly distressing to step into an icy-cold shower and realize that the water just isn’t going to heat up. If this has happened to you, there are a few things you can check before calling a plumber.

Why Is There No Hot Water?

  • Have you used an unusual amount of hot water? If your dishwasher and clothes washer are both running, and three family members have taken hot showers before you got your turn, it may simply be that your hot water supply has been depleted and you need to wait for more water to heat up.
  • Has your pilot light gone out? If you have a gas water heater, check the pilot light. If the flame is not lit, that means that nothing is heating your water supply. Follow your owner’s manual to safely re-light it.
  • Has a breaker been tripped? If you have an electric water heater, check your circuit breaker box to see if any breakers have been tripped. If so, reset them!

When you call Bell Plumbing, we send a San Mateo water heater repair specialist to check your water heater and figure out what is causing the problem. Once we get a grasp of the situation, we can advise on whether repairing or replacing the broken system would be best for you.

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