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Your plumbing system is dependent on a framework of pipes. Constant leaks, poor water pressure, and visible wear are all signs that could indicate you may be in need of repiping. Our team of San Mateo plumbers has nearly two decades of experience piping and repiping systems throughout the San Francisco Peninsula. While repiping has a reputation for being expensive, Bell Plumbing provides a free cost estimate and affordable prices so that you can improve your property without the financial burden.

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Signs You Need Repiping

Many pipe materials have an average lifespan of 50 years. If you live in an older home and the pipes have never been replaced, there is a chance that you have lead pipes, which needs to be replaced right away.

Other reasons to consider repiping include:

  • A steady decrease in your water pressure
  • Visible signs of wear on pipes
  • Frequent clogs or leaks
  • A tint or taste in your water

Leaking pipes create all sorts of headaches for homeowners, from increased water bills to wood rot or mold growth and other issues. Whether you need partial or whole-house repiping, our plumbing team might be able to provide non-invasive or trenchless methods for pipe replacement. New pipes can prevent bigger problems in the future and take care of any existing ones right now. Give Bell Plumbing a call and find out how our team can help you maintain a problem-free piping system.

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Our San Mateo plumbers have the skills and training necessary to ensure your piping or repiping is done correctly and lasts for decades to come. Our family-owned company has developed a positive reputation throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and can be trusted to provide sound and professional input for your needs.

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