Garbage Disposal


Keeping Your Kitchen in Top Shape

Kitchen work is far easier when scraps can be washed down the drain. This is a convenience made possible by garbage disposals. However, regardless of the price or quality of the model in your sink, your garbage disposal will wear over time. After all, we use it on a daily basis and it is exposed to non-stop flowing water, soap, debris, and sometimes, even larger items that were accidentally dropped down the sink. A well functioning unit should be able to dispose of the appropriate foodstuff in a matter of seconds. If your garbage disposal is failing to meet its previous performance, it may be time to install a new one. For a professional opinion on how to restore your garbage disposal to its former glory, speak to a San Carlos plumber at Bell Plumbing. We proudly provide services to the entire San Francisco peninsula.

We have nearly 20 years tackling every garbage disposal issue there is. Call us now at 650-206-7672!


If your garbage disposal is not working properly and you’re trying to figure out why, whatever you do, make sure to never stick your hand in the unit! The appliance is powerful and can cause serious harm. In fact, it’s perhaps better left to the professionals altogether.

Our San Carlos plumbers are ready to help if:

  • You flip the switch on, but the disposal does not make any noise
  • Water is leaking from the disposal
  • The garbage disposal drains too slowly
  • The disposal appears to be jammed
  • Your disposal is emitting bad odors

At Bell Plumbing, we are trained in identifying the issue and repairing or replacing your damaged unit. We offer a full range of plumbing services and look forward to serving you.



Keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape by remembering some simple guidelines and performing basic maintenance work.

Your garbage disposal will work best and last longer if you:

  • Make sure not to overfill the grinder
  • Do not put bleach, drain cleaner, or other chemicals down the unit
  • Avoid grinding bones, glass, metal, or rubber
  • Run water before and after using the disposal
  • Grind some ice cubes on a regular basis to sharpen the blades
  • Get rid of odors by grinding lemon or orange wedges
  • Clean the drain once in a while using one part vinegar and one part baking soda

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