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Common Toilet Noises and What They Mean

By webdev

Feb 27, 2024


It’s common to hear certain noises coming from your toilet, such as the running sound after you flush that ends up going away after a minute or two. But have you ever heard odd noises coming from your toilet that just don’t seem normal? It’s even worse when these sounds are constant and keep you up at night.

In this blog, you’ll learn about common noises that toilets make and what they could potentially mean. While most sounds coming from your toilet are usually nothing to worry about, it’s still good to know what they mean and how you can try and address the issue yourself.

Keep reading to find out!


While most toilet noises, like we mentioned before, are usually nothing to worry about, a banging noise is one of the more serious sounds you could hear coming from your toilet. After you flush your toilet and the water stops running, if you hear a banging noise in the pipes, it means the water inside of your pipes is hitting the valve. This is known as a water hammer.

A water hammer occurs because of high water pressure or because there is a sudden closing in an open valve, causing the water to hit the valve. The force and pressure of the water can damage your pipes and cause them to deteriorate over time if the issue is not addressed.


We all know that our toilet runs for a short amount of time after flushing. This sound is normal because it means that the water is filling back up. However, if the running noise is constant, you’ll want to take care of it. An excessive running noise is typically nothing to worry about, but the sound can be quite annoying. Here’s a few reasons for what the constant running noise could mean and how you can fix them.

The Flapper Chain is Too Tight

If the flapper chain in the back of the toilet is too tight, it causes the valve to stick open, which means it isn’t shutting all the way like it’s supposed to. Try wiggling the chain around and see if you feel any slack. If you don’t, the chain will need to be loosened.

The Valve is Not Stopping the Water From Leaking into the Bowl

Another reason for the constant running is the valve is allowing water to leak into the toilet bowl. If this is the case, you’ll need to check the valve and make sure it’s closing.

The Float isn’t Set Right

If the float in the toilet tank is too high, it will cause the toilet to run excessively. To fix this, the height will need to be adjusted.

If you still can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the issue or you aren’t too sure you want to try and fix it yourself, contact our team at Bell Plumbing and we’ll be right out to diagnose the problem!


If you hear a gurgling or bubbling sound coming from your toilet, it typically means there’s a blockage somewhere that isn’t allowing the water to pass through the drain. If other toilets in your home are making this noise, there is most likely a problem with your sewer and you should resort to a professional to take care of this.

If it’s only the one specific toilet making that noise, grab a plunger and try to clear out the clog. Place the plunger over the drain hole and push it up and down until the water moves through the drain. If this method doesn’t seem to work, give us a call at 650-206-7672.

San Mateo Toilet Repair

We understand the inconvenience of a toilet problem and the disruption it could cause in your day. That’s why our team always strives to provide quick and efficient solutions to your toilet issues. Contact us today or give us a call at 650-206-7672 for all of your toilet repair needs!

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